Gil J Wolman – The Anticoncept (1952)
Isidore Isou – Venom and Eternity (1951)
Suzanne Lemaître – TOUTES LES FEMMES SONT DES JEANNE D’ARC (All women are Joan of Arcs) (1984)

Maurice Lemaître
Le film est déjà commencé? (1951)
Toujours A L’avant – Garde De L’avant – Garde Jusqu’Au Paradis Et Au-Dela (Ever the Avant-Garde of the Avant-Garde till Heaven and After) (1970)
L’Amour réinventé (1979)
Films D’Amour (1968-1989)


Guy Debord
Hurlements en faveur de Sade (1952)
On the passage of a few people through a rather brief moment in time (1959)
Critique of Separation (1961)
The Society of the Spectacle (1973)
Refutation of All Judgments (1975)
In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni (1978) (Italian subtitles))

René Viénet
Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (1973)
The Girls of Kamare (1974)
Chinois, encore un effort pour être révolutionnaires (Peking Duck Soup) (1977)

Documentary / Misc.

Branka Bogdanov – On the Passage of a few People through a Rather Brief Moment in Time: The Situationist International 1956-1972 (1989)
Jeff Kinkle – Introduction to Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle (2011)

Post-Situationist / Situationist Inspired

Isaac Cronin and Terrel Seltzer – Call it Sleep (1982)
Stewart Home – Screams in Favor of De Sade (2002)
Tiqqun / The Imaginary Party – And The War Has Only Just Begun (Et la guerre est à peine commencée) (2001)
Bernadette Corporation – Get Ride of Yourself (info) (2003)
Tim Jackson – Radical Jester (2007)
Marc Lafia – The Revolution of Everyday Life (2010)
Heath Schultz – The Society of the Spectacle (2013)


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