SI Film Texts

I’ll limit texts here as they pertain to SI film. If you are interested in more Situationist texts I’ve also compiled an extensive SI library at 1000littlehammers, which includes links to SI archives as well as dozens of pdfs of scholarship on the SI. Also note that this list is incomplete and I’ll add as I find new texts. Feel free to contact me with other texts I’ve missed.


Gil J Wolman – “The L’Anticoncept (script)” (published in Not Bored! # 18, 1990)
Not Bored! – “Situationist Films in NY” (#18, 1990)
Not Bored! – “Screening of Guy Debord’s Film” (# 25,1996)
Bureau of Public Secrets – “Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (On Rene Vietnet’s film)” (1992)
Bureau of Public Secrets “The Society of the Spectacle (On Debord’s Film)” (1996)

Guy Debord’s 
Complete Cinematic Works 
Translated and edited by Ken Knabb. Oakland: AK Press, 2003

I’ve re-linked all of the texts included in Complete Cinematic Works from Ken Knabb’s Bureau of Public Secrets. However, substantial information is lost in this web format, including image and context for some of the images contained in the various films. I’ll try and get a pdf up soon, but for now these will do. Alternatively, most libraries should have a copy of the book.


Guy Debord Scripts
Howls for Sade (1952)
On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time (1959)
Critique of Separation (1961)
The Society of the Spectacle (1973)
Refutation of All the Judgments, Pro or Con, Thus Far Rendered on the Film The Society of the Spectacle (1975)
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (1978)

Guy Debord, Gil Wolman – “A User’s Guide to Détournement” (1956)
Guy Debord – “Technical Notes on the First Three Films” (1964)
Guy Debord – “Letter about On the Passage of a Few People” (1960)
Guy Debord – “For a Revolutionary Judgment of Art” (1961)
Guy Debord – “On The Society of the Spectacle (reply to a critic of the book)”
SI – “Cinema and Revolution” (1969)
Guy Debord “Announcement for The Society of the Spectacle (film)” (1974)
Guy Debord – “The Use of Stolen Films” (1989)
Guy Debord – “The Themes of In girum imus nocte...” (1977)
Guy Debord – “Instructions to the In girum Sound Engineer” (1977)

Guy Debord Filmography
Bibliography for Guy Debord’s Films

Other SI Texts regarding Film
SI – “The Meaning of Decay in Art” (1959)
SI – “Détournement as Negation and Prelude” (1959)
Guy Debord – “For a Revolutionary Judgement of Art” (1961)
SI – “The Avant-Garde is Undesirable” (1961)
Guy Debord – “The Situationists and the New Forms of Action in Art and Politics” (1963)
SI – “Response to a Questionnaire from the Center for Socio-Experimental Art” (1963)
SI – “Role of Godard” (1966)
Timothy Clark, Christopher Gray, Donald Nicholson-Smith & Charles Radcliffe – “The Revolution of Modern Art and the Modern Art of Revolution” (1967)
René Viénet – “The Situationists and the New Forms of Action Against Politics and Art” (1967)

Scholarship on Situ Film

Panel with Thomas Y. Levin, Keith Sanborn, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Anthony Vidler (audio) – Film as Critical Practice: The Cinema of Guy Debord and the Spectre of the Situationist International

Benjamin Noys – “Destroy Cinema!/Destroy Capital!: Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle (1973)

Benjamin Noys – Guy Debord’s Time-Image: In girum imus nocte et consimimur igni (1978)

Giorgio Agamben – “Difference and Repetition: On Debord’s Films

Keith Sanborn and Greil Marcus – “On the films of Guy Debord: Return of the Suppressed” (artforum link)

Heath Schultz – “But neither wood nor fire find any peace or satisfaction in any warmth, great or small, or in any resemblance between them, until the moment when the fire becomes one with the wood and imparts its own nature to it. Or: How two fragments meet and a film is made

Jason E. Smith – “Strategy and the Passions: Guy Debord’s Ruses

Evan Calder Williams – “Psudo-Cinema” (On Debord’s films)

R.D. Crano “Guy Debord and the Aesthetics of Cine-Sabotage

Grey Room # 52 on Debord’s Cinema, ed. Jason E Smith


“Guy Debord, Filmaker”
Jason E Smith

“With and Against Cinema”
International Situationnite 1

“Hurlements en faveur de vous”
Kaira M. Cabañas

“Cinema against the Permanent Curfew of Geometry: Guy Debord’s Sur le passage de quelques personnes à travers une assez courte unité de temps (1959)”
Sonyoung Yoon

“Missed Encounters: Critique de la séparation between the Riot and the ‘Young Girl’”
Jason E Smith

“The Insolent Edit”
McKenzie Wark

“Guy Debord’s Time-Image: In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (1978)”
Benjamin Noys

“Guy Debord and the Cultural Revolution”
Sven Lütticken

“When We Were on the Shenandoah”
Jacques Rancière